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Main Features

  • EazyTeX is easy enough for beginners, a minimal knowledge of LaTeX is needed for creating professional documents, yet powerfull enough to satisfy an experienced user.
  • Seemless switching between LaTeX code and its WYSIWYG representation.
  • Editing of mathematical formulas is easy, clicking on an element in a formula takes user directly to the corresponding place in its code.
  • Full support for LaTeX lists.
  • Automatic numbering and referencing of sections, equations theorems, etc.
  • Supports references, including bibtex* and citations.
  • Supports images (in all major formats), tikz, tables, figures and algorithms.*
  • Supports macros in math environments.
  • Tracking changes functionality similar to Word.
  • Sticky notes.

* This feature requires working TeX installation on your system. To obtain one, visitLaTeX Project